Through out more than 20 years of experience in cable making, Mr. Grove's research has proven that the isolation material can have a huge negative influence on the overall performance of the cables, if used in an improper way. With the Andromeda cable Mr. Grove has developed a new dielectric structure called D.S.E. (Dielectric, Skin, Eliminator) never used before in any other audio cables. The Andromeda cable is constructed with a total of 4 isolation zones.

  • Two inner zones with extremely high isolation factor. The material itself is very light and totally antistatic which basically is used only for creating the optimal atmosphere around each conductor - such that no colouration of the sound is introduced.
  • The 3rd zone's function, is to isolate the conductors from all negative electrons found in high humidity areas ect.
  • The 4th zone is providing a minimum surface contact between the different poles in the final wire.

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