The construction

Each wire consists of 20 individually isolated conductors spun in a unique way. This gives two major benefits:

  • The individual isolation of each conductor, prevents electron "jumps" between the conductors - also known as "skin effect" - This is typically heard as high frequency "distortion".
  • The unique spinning of the conductors, basically prevents the individually conductors to wary in length. When each conductor has the exact same length, the electrons "flow" is becoming identical, preventing so called "shadowing or mirroring" effects in the signals. The usage of 20 individual thin conductors was chosen simply to force the electrons to flow as directly from the source to the receiving end as possible. At the same time the conductors are different in gauge, to create a perfect balance through out the entire frequency spectrum. Overall this results in a higher level of dynamics, precision, tonal balance and creates a bigger soundstage.
  • Finally the resulting wire is braided is a special manner, resulting a much larger spacing between each pole. Isolating each pole has major benefits on the overall sound quality, simply due to the "lack" of magnetic disturbances from pole to pole. With the spacing in the Andromeda cable - each poles magnetic field is too far from each other to generate "magnetic noise", currently no other commercial available cable offers this solution. The result is a much more natural soundstage presentation.

All of these parameters have been optimised for high production volume and lowest possible price. In short - expensive and fancy materials and production methods with no direct positive influence on the resulting sound quality, has been eliminated to keep pricing at it's lowest ever, for cables in the league of Andromeda Series.

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